Delaware River Yachtsmen's League (DRYL)

Von Nieda Picnic
Raccoon Creek B.C., Bridgeboro, NJ
September 6, 2014 "Pirates on the Delaware" beginning at 1pm til 7pm
Menu: typical picnic fare
Cost: $20 in advance (on or before Sept. 1)
Contact: Tim Corcoran ( ) or W. Garwood ( )

Results of the DRYL's 2014 Queen's Pageant
Miss Quaker City YC, Lauren Snarr, was crowned the 2014 DRYL Queen; Miss Anchor YC, Bernadette Price, was 1st Runner Up and Miss Yapewi AC, Alison Stewart, was 2nd Runner Up.
Bristol YC - Best Decorated Club
Quaker City YC - Ramblin' took Best Decorated Sailboat
BYC - Mamasita took the Best Decorated Power Boat
Yapewi AC - Best of Fleet went to 'Other Peoples Kids'

Delaware River Yachtsmen's League:  100th Anniversary!
DRYC member/guests and friends are cordially invited to the 100th Annual DRYL Banquet on Saturday, March 1, 2014, 6:30 - 11:30pm at Cannstatter's German Club, 9310 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA

The banquet will include served hot and cold appetizers (during the cocktail hour, 6:30 - 7:30pm), also featuring complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks (mixed drinks available on a cash only basis), plus a memento of this event.

Dinner service beginning at 7:30pm that includes 4 choices of entrees: Prime Rib, Stuffed Flounder, Chicken Marsala or a Vegetarian Platter. 

Cost is $55 per person including the above listed dinner, beer, wine, soft drinks, musical entertainment and dancing plus a 100th DRYL Anniversary memento. 

Club Officers/officials are encouraged to wear winter uniforms; other gentlemen - black tie or suits and ties.

Please Note:  Reservations needed on or before Feb. 10, 2014.  For further details and/or reservations please contact William (Bill) Garwood at 215-947-4987 or email with 1.) name of attendee(s)  2.) dinner entree selection and  3.) details for payment (check only) for $55 per person listed made payable to Delaware River Yachtsmen's League. 

Excerpted from e.m. Lt. T. Johnson, USCG dated October 30, 3013 to William Garwood, DRYL PAO

Members of the DRYL member clubs and individual recreational boaters have responded, en mass, to  a recent Notice to Mariners “PROPOSAL TO DISCONTINUE AIDS TO NAVIGATION (A to N)” concerning the  Bordentown Bar Junction Buoy B (LLNR 4230)” in the vicinity of Bordentown, NJ  with the following results.

Re: Local Notice to Mariners article "NJ - UPPER DELAWARE RIVER - PHILADELPHIA TO TRENTON- PROPOSAL TO DISCONTINUE AIDS TO NAVIGATION" initially published in the 5th Coast Guard District Local Notice to Mariners 39/13. This update is being sent in response to the “Discontinuation Notice of the Bordentown Bar Junction Buoy B (LLNR 4230)”

“Based on feedback from no less than 40 waterway users, the position and seasonal maintenance dates of Bordentown Bar Junction BuoyB mark the Upper Delaware River Channel adequately. The adjacent waterways, which are not marked with Federal A to N, provide access to boating clubs (Bordentown Y.C. & Yapewi Aquatic Club) and a public boat ramp.  Hundreds of recreational boaters operating outside the marked channel boundaries regularly rely on Bordentown Bar Junction Buoy B (LLNR 4230) to access BYC & YAC and navigate in the vicinity of a charted sandbar and transit under I-295.”

“The  evaluation of Bordentown Bar Junction Buoy B (LLNR 4230) is part of a large-scale waterway evaluation in support of modernizing local Coast Guard A to N servicing units' capabilities”. 

“Thus, to conform to Commandant’s lateral marking requirements, to maintain the conventional direction of buoyage and to continue to mark the sandbar obstruction, a solid colored lateral Aid to Navigation will be established on the approximate former position of the junction buoy on or about 05 May 2014.  This aid will be a solid Red Nun and be named Upper Delaware River Channel Buoy 86 (LLNR 4230)”.

Paint the New Jersey, BB-62
Battleship USS NJ will be painted August - Sept. 15, 2013; period of 1 - 1 1/2 weeks.  Painting contractor is looking for recreational boaters to volunteer to provide "man overboard patrol" in waters around the New Jersey.  Need volunteers and boats to stand guard for rescue of fallen workers on both sides of the ship.

Dredging of the Delaware
60% of the 120 mile length has been completed, next area to be worked on is in the Marcus Hook, PA section.

Burlington City, NJ has been granted money for public marina study.

Farragut Crab Feast
August 24, 1 - 6pm.  Pricing variable depending whether or not crabs are eaten.  Tickets available: Brian 215-495-9896 or Mark 215-669-1443.

DRYL Club of the Year, 2013

National Park Boat Club

National Park, NJ

DRYL Person of the Year, 2013
Ms. Candyce Holmstrup

Neshaminay Harbor Yacht Club


March 2, 2013

Annual Banquet

Cannstatters Banquet Hall, Philadelphia, PA
The League's 99th Banquet was attended by many DRYL member clubs including DRYC/11 persons; a bevy of member club Princesses, past Princesses, including Genievieve Noderer Lynch and Present DRYL Queen Alex Leo, West End Yacht Club and Queen Lilly of the CBYCA plus several past DRYL Queens.

Results of Hurricane Sandy at the Riverton Yacht Club, along the Delaware River, in Riverton, N.J.

Photo Credit: Byron Campbell, member Riverton Yacht Club

Photo Credit: Byron Campbell, member Riverton Yacht Club

Friday, December 14, 2012

Members of the Anchor Yacht Club in Bristol handle a defense obstacle used by American troops during the Revolutionary War. The 28-foot-long wooden spear is known as a cheval de frise and is equipped with a sharp iron tip used to puncture the bottom of British war ships. According to historians, it is one of only four that have been recovered.

UPDATE:  It has finally found a home and has made its way to East Carolina University where it will be put on display.

Boating Safety:  Tragic Incident, Lessons Learned?

A recent article in the Phila. Inquirer, July 29th. edition,  reported on a boating accident in the Hudson River, north of NYC where a power boat, 21 ft. Stingray, crashed into an anchored barge(with lights).  Several of the boat’s occupants died as a result of their injuries, recovered persons were not wearing PFDs. 

With the Delaware shipping channel being deepened, the use of working vessels could be hazardous to recreational boaters operating their vessels in the vicinity of Marcus Hook, PA. and south, especially at night.  Caution is advised in that area!!


The Delaware River Yachtsmen's League (D.R.Y.L.) was founded in 1914 by Frederick Von Nieda of Camden, NJ. The League was formed with five clubs which were Camden Yacht Club, Columbia Yacht Club, Farragut Sportsmen's Club, Trenton Yacht Club and Wissinoming Yacht Club.  It has grown into an organization that has over 5,000 members which come from 37 Yacht Clubs and Organizations that cover the boating area  from the Delaware River in Trenton, N.J. to the Cohansey River in the Delaware Bay and also includes the Lagoon View Yacht Club on Barnaget Bay.  We are also affiliated with 4 Boating Organizations.... The National Boating Federation, The Pennsylvania Boating Assoc., The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Assoc. and The Boater Voter Coalition.

Contact Bill Garwood at or Paul Jusino at